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1. 钢结构结构设计:一直专注于钢结构设计领域,精通多种分析软件,从门式刚架厂房到大跨度体育场馆,均有深 入研究 和工程实践,长期给各设计院和钢结构公司做配合,经验丰富、价格合理。

2. 太阳能电池板支架结构设计:兆瓦级太阳能发电厂设计经验,善于控制成本。

3. 钢结构集成房屋解决方案在该领域研究多年,能解决各种问题。
4. 钢结构有限元分析:模拟工况到位,结果准确。

1. Steel structure design: Has been focused on steel structure design field, proficient in a variety of analysis software, from portal rigid frame workshop to large-span stadiums, all have in-depth study and engineering practice, to do for each design institute and steel structure company cooperate for a long time, experienced, the price is reasonable.

2. Design of solar panel bracket structure: Megawatt solar power plant design experience, good at controlling costs.

3. Steel structure integrated housing solutions:Years of research in the field, can solve all kinds of problems.
4. Finite element analysis of steel structure:The simulation condition is in place and the result is accurate.


钢结构结构设计软件3D3S授权: 3D3S steel structure design software authorization:



1. 钢结构结构设计  Steel structure design


2. 太阳能电池板支架结构设计  Design of solar panel bracket structure


3. 钢结构集成房屋解决方案  Steel structure integrated housing solutions


4. 钢结构有限元分析 Finite element analysis of steel structure


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