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公  司  简  介

1. 深圳市众磊钢结构设计有限公司成立于2014年2月,是一家只专注于设计的高新技术企业,公司主要 致力于钢结构设计、膜结构设计和幕墙设计,并在BIM技术应用和AutoCAD二次开发方面深有研究。


Company Profile

1. Shenzhen zoomline steel structure design co., Ltd., founded in February 2014, is a high-tech enterprise focusing only on design. The company is mainly engaged in steel structure design, membrane structure design and curtain wall design, and has deep research in BIM technology application and AutoCAD secondary development.

2. To create the maximum value for customers, to seek welfare for employees, and to shoulder the corresponding social responsibility, is the belief that we always uphold......


工  程  设  计


1.建筑设计、钢结构设计、钢结构加工图设计, 膜结构设计、膜结构裁剪设计和幕墙设计,长期给各设计院 和钢结构、膜结构、幕墙公司做配合,经验丰富、服务周到、价格合理。




Engineering Design

1.The architecture design, steel structure design, steel structure detail design, membrane structure design, membrane structure cutting design and curtain wall design, long-term to the design institute and the steel structure, membrane structure, curtain wall companies do cooperate, rich experience,    good service and reasonable price.

2.Design of solar panel bracket structure

3.Steel structure integrated housing solutions

4.Finite element analysis of steel structure

软  件  开  发

该软件是在 AutoCAD 平台上进行的二次开发,主要服务于从事钢结构、膜结构设计的工程技术人员。

Software Development

The software is in AutoCAD platform for secondary development, mainly in the service of engaged in steel structure, membrane structure design of engineering and technical personnel.

只专注于设计!  深圳市众磊钢结构设计有限公司

  Only Focus On The Design!  ShenZhen ZoomLine Steel Structure Design Co.,Ltd 




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